Vision and Ethos

Mission Statement 

The mission of this school is to prepare resilient and responsible citizens, who are able to thrive in a modern society and compete in a global economy. We promote aspiration and excellence.  We are unashamedly ambitious for the future success of our students.

 Our vision is to:                                 

 §  establish work and perseverance, “diligentia et constantia”

 §  deliver consistently outstanding teaching and learning

 §  empower students to cope with the social, emotional and physical pressures and demands of life

 §  provide outstanding pastoral care which nurtures health and wellbeing

 §  provide a broad, well-balanced and personalised curriculum

 §  ensure access to opportunities beyond the classroom which inform and inspire our students

 §  enable our students to achieve excellence in public examinations

 §  facilitate access to the highest quality further education and employment

 It is central to the philosophy of this school that our students will: 

 §  Aspire to achieve excellence

 §  learn in an orderly, disciplined atmosphere, following the school’s code of conduct

 §  develop the capacity for creative, independent thought and problem-solving

 §  be able to communicate ideas effectively and imaginatively

 §  develop appropriate technological skills

 §  understand our economic and political environment

 §  become members of society who have developed sound judgement, maturity and compassion

 §  understand and respect social, moral, spiritual and British values within a multi-cultural society and take part in cultural activities

 §  appreciate and understand the importance of protecting the environment

 §  become caring and compassionate individuals who are in turn, valued and secure

 §  develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills



The schools in our partnership share common beliefs, culture and ethos.  These have led to us establishing environments with a positive attitude to learning, where students are challenged within a supportive and safe environment.  We are determined that this ethos permeates all aspects of The Trinity School.

Staff will model the ethos and values we require. There will be a clear programme to actively teach these and they will be delivered through the tutorial programme, vibrant and engaging assemblies and constantly reinforced in the day-to-day practice of the school. 

Our rewards, awards and sanctions system will link directly to our key values to encourage and foster the attitudes we wish to engender in our students.  They will be consistent and clear.  The School will encourage students to be unashamedly, rightfully proud of their efforts and achievements. We will celebrate their successes and achievements through assemblies, celebration events, newsletters, contacts home and the rewards and awards system.

Student Leadership will facilitate students’ “buy in” to the values of The School.  In addition, they will foster development of communication skills, team work and speaking to a variety of audiences.  We will have Form Representatives on Year and School Councils; these will have a direct link to the Senior Team.  In addition, we will have Student Leaders in curriculum areas, Charity Leaders, Student Mentors, Reading Partners and Homework Mentors.  It will be expected that all students will take on a leadership role in their time at The School.  We will place importance on teaching “soft skills”: students will engage in a wide range of activities and visits; we will actively teach and model good manners; teach public speaking and provide opportunities to present work or performances to a wide audience.

In the first two years of The School’s life, older students from The Gilberd School will act as Mentors for Trinity students, acting as role models and helping to establish the culture of student leadership and responsibility.

The School will provide a learning environment which reflects the vision and values of our partnership and challenges low aspirations.  This will be seen in the quality of buildings and facilities but also the priority on displays which will reinforce our ethos of aspiration, equality and achievement for all.  


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